During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, having the right protection in place for cashiers, pharmacists and other frontline workers is critical. This is why Deflecto offers a wide range of cashier shields and commercial sneeze guards. These provide a layer of defense against airborne viruses and other pathogens to which these employees may otherwise be exposed. Having grocery store sneeze guards and similar products in place demonstrates that you are taking steps to try to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Our range of acrylic sneeze guards and other types come in a variety of sizes and orientations to fit virtually any space.

Various sizes available for order, currently have (qty 2) 27w x 23h with pass-thru ($123ea) and (qty 2) 27w x 36h with pass-thru ($178ea) in stock.

In stock product can be purchased individually, custom orders come in packs of two.

Deflecto Personal Protection Barriers